Visit of Nishiyamato-gakuen highschool

On 18th August, students of Nishiyamato-gakuen highschool in Nara Prefecture visited our institute. After welcome speech by the Dean, Professor Terai, explanation of research equipment was given from Prof. Ohya and Prof. Shibata. Tour of research facilities of our institude was then held and students visited ultra-high-voltage and analytical electron microscopy, and cleanrooms.

The Kumamoto-UT Exchange Program was held

From 1st to 2nd August, the Kumamoto-UT Exchange Program was held and 60 high school students from Kumamoto prefecture visited our institute. On the first day, welcome speech by the Dean, Professor Terai, lectures by three professors, explanation of research equipment and social gathering was given.Tour of research facilities of our institude and Hongo campus tour with graduate students were held on the 2nd day.  Dr. Kabashima, the governor of Kumamoto prefecture, also attended the program and encouraged high school students as well as expressed his deep gratitude to the support of the program.