Concept of the Institute of Engineering Innovation

The Institute of Engineering Innovation (IEI) was established within the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 2002. It consists of two divisions of strategic research and project management, and two research centers of nanotechnology and nano-characterization. Fostering the development of the next generation of leaders and encouraging collaborations with industry are areas of particular focus for the IEI.
The strategic research division aims to nurture future leaders in the field of engineering through international programs for promising engineering researchers. So far, five young researchers have been accepted as part of this program. Current fields of research include atomic wave engineering, catalysis, quantum optoelectronics, web engineering, and global water circulation informatics.
The project management division pursues a variety of research projects in cooperation with a range of partners, from national organizations to industry partners. Centers within the IEI include the Innovation Policy Research Center, the Nanophotonics Research Center, the Center for Advanced Power & Environmental Technology, Future Wind Power System Department. In addition, two collaborative research labs with JEOL Ltd. and RIGAKU Corporation are successfully operating to offer the opportunity for the development, training and sharing of some of the world’s most advanced analytical instruments.
The Nanotechnology Research Center maintains the technological base required for research in this field and functions as a platform for collaboration, providing access to facilities for academia and industry throughout Japan. Its capabilities include ultra-fine lithography, nano-measurement, ultra-high-voltage and analytical electron microscopy, and cleanrooms equipped to the highest international standards.
More recently, the Research Hub for Advanced Nano Characterization was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as part of an effort to improve the research infrastructure network for a low carbon society and the center is now an important hub for Japanese research into nanotechnology.
The University of Tokyo IEI offers Japanese companies and other Japanese universities access to the world’s best equipment for research in the field of nanotechnology. Through joint research with nanotechnology companies, the IEI is creating new tools to drive the field forward. At the same time, the IEI’s focus on training and pioneering new initiatives is nurturing the next generation of researchers who will take the lead in the future.