Department of Projects

Material research for advanced energy systems and energy & environmental problems

Prof. Takayuki Terai

The International Center for Nano Electron and Photon Technology

Prof. Hitoshi Tabata

Center for Advanced Power and Environmental Technology (APET)

Prof. Kunihiko Hidaka

Innovation Policy Research Center

Director: Prof. Ichiro Sakata

Innovation Policy Research Center, IPRC, (Director: Prof. Ichiro Sakata, Research representative: Prof. Takayuki Terai) was established on March 2008, at Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. The primary role of IPRC is to feed credible knowledge for setting science and innovation policy based on scientific and engineering understandings on a global issue including economic development, environmental and energy issues. For that purpose, IPRC conducts scientific research on science and innovation policy and develops information methodology to collect, analyze, and structure world-wide knowledge on academic, industrial, and social situations and perspectives. Each research projects is conducted by research groups of faculty members, researchers, posdocs, and students with relevant specialist knowledge in collaboration among other researchers and practitioners in the University of Tokyo, international organizations and enterprises. IPRC encourages conversations and interactions with the organizations outside the university. Furthermore, IPRC collaborates with leading universities in US, EU, China, South Korea, and other ASEAN countries in order to propose models and policies for accelerating world and Asian-wide innovation.