Department of Strategic Studies

Catalysis & Reaction Engineering Lab. /Organometallic Chemistry

Prof. Yoshiaki Nishibayashi

Our research group designs new transition metal complexes for efficient catalytic molecular transformations and develops new methodology for the construction of useful molecular skeletons. All of our projects are based on concept of catalysis & reaction engineering.

■Transition Metal-Catalyzed Organic Transformations:
To establish more practical organic transformations for easy access to complicated molecular structures, new multinuclear catalytic systems are designed and constructed.

■Development of Catalytic Nitrogen Fixation:
Our ultimate aim is to achieve sustainable nitrogen fixation system alternative to energy consuming Haber-Bosch process. Combined system of multiple transition metal complexes is projected for direct transformation of molecular dinitrogen into ammonia under ambient conditions.



Prof. Takanori Ichiki

Our research aims to create nanobio analytical systems through the development of highly functional biochips using nano/microfabrication technologies and their combination with microscopic imaging apparatus. Novel microfluidic devices and microarray devices with micro/nanostructures are developed to enable direct manipulation and precise measurement of individual cells and biomolecules.

Global Hydroinformatics

Assoc. Prof. Yukiko Hirabayashi

The Global Hydroinformatics Research Group aims to develop an intelligence infrastructure in the field of hydrology. Our main research interest is understanding and predicting global hydrological cycle, in order to solve various problems such as mitigating water related natural disasters and allocating water, energy or food in sustainable way under the pressure of population increase and climate change. We conduct these issues through a combination of hydrologic modeling and retrospective in situ and remote sensing data.